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  1. Slaves associated with members of the Yancey Family (mainly Southern US)


  2. Slaves owned by William Childress of Leon County, Texas

    Probate E/382-83-84 (This is an old copy—The date was not clear, but since all the other paper work was filed in 1854 I have to assume this one was also.);

    October term, (1854) .....
    Inventory of the property of Wm. Childress (deceased)....

    Negroes———To Wit———

    Gabriel 45 years old $800
    Sarah 40 700
    Fanny 40 650
    Isaac 23 1100
    Edmond 23 1100
    Adam 19 900
    Phill 10 600
    Cindy 10 500
    Adaline 15 800
    Joe 6 400
    Andy 6 350
    Allen 4 300
    Daniel 4 300
    Jef 2 175

    ** ( Next follows where his land was. It is unclear whether or which of any slaves lived on any of these properties, but they may be on different slave schedules in different counties,)

    800 acres of land including home (in Leon County)
    Land in Ellis County 426 acres
    2 lots in Cairo on Trinity River

  3. Enslaved: James. Estr, Nancy, Viney, Charles, Aubrae, Nelson, Luceay, Sam, Mavy, Moses, Deliah, Washington, Lucreatia
    Slave owner: Isaiah Fuller
    Source: estate inventory
    Date % Place: 1827, Person County, North Carolina, USA

    Kendell Lewis