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  1. Slave named Charles, a Negro boy "in consideration of love and affection" from Thomas Skinker of Fauquier County, Virginia to John Hickerson of Culpepper County, VA in 1795. See Culpeper County, Deed Book 12, page 291. Note that "Slavery in Fauquier" says that Thomas Skinker owned 31 slaves in 1782, making him one of the largest owners.

  2. Not sure if the following is something to fit here, but thought I'd share just in case. I have viewed and transcribed a Freedmen Agreement for plantation owner Uriah Barry in Holmes County, Mississippi. It's dated August 1865, and all the laborers listed carry the surname Barry. Furthermore, the number of names is the exact number of slaves counted for Uriah Barry in the 1860 census. I doubt it's a coincidence. Link ---

    1. That was fascinating! Slaves may have been freed, but many certainly weren't yet free were they? I've added a link to your blog.

  3. I have been collecting slave names in Cumberland County, North Carolina for a few years from the Deeds Books (now about 1850-1865) and the Court Minutes (now about 1797 - 1825). Also have a few wills. How best can I put this out there?

    1. You may send me the information in an email psd11719 @ (no spaces) or leave the information in a comment on this blog, whichever works best for you.

  4. Here is one will I have (because I have been working on the Murchison lines). I am posting this now, but I will be sending more. A LOT more.

    Will Kenith Murchison written 31 Dec 1835, probated Jun Term 1836. Cumberland County (NC) Book B pp 262-4

    To my wife Catharine during her lifetime: ½ of all his cleared lands on little River, including his dwelling house where he lives, all out houses and ½ of his toll bridge; also slaves Reuben; Wallace; Mary and children; Sylla and her daughter Jane; ½ of farming implements and other tools except his Blacksmith tools; ½ of stock of any kind; also to wife forever all household and kitchen furniture and directs his slave London shall keep in repair all farming tools she shall require.

    To son Duncan and his heirs forever: All lands on Lower little River except the life estate given to wife and to include the lands after her death; includes Saw Mill, Blacksmith Shop and one half of the Toll Bridge plus the other half after her death; Negroes old Hannah, Isaac and Molly; all residue not otherwise given to son Duncan except ½ of stock given to wife which after her death shall be equally divided between sons William and Duncan.

    To grandson Kineth, son of Duncan, slave Jack, son of Sylla forever; to granddaughter Catherine Ann girl Sylla Ann forever.

    To grandson Kineth and granddaughter Flora Elizabeth, heirs of son John decd, Negro woman Lorna? With present and future increase divided between them.

    To grandson Murdoch, son of William, slave John forever. To granddaughter Catharine, daughter of son William girl Jannet forever.

    To grandsons William M and Kineth M McNeill girl Lovedy forever to be equally divided between them. To granddaughter Catherine McNeill girl Lucy, daughter of Hannah, forever.

    Direct sons William and Duncan to pay grandson Kineth, son of John decd $100 when he arrives at the age of 21 without any charge of interest. This legacy to be charged on the land and Negroes devised to them and their heirs to secure the payment. Direct sons William and Duncan to pay granddaughter Flora Elizabeth $100 when she arrives at the age of 18 without interest and secured as Kineth’s. Should said Kineth or his sister die before they become of age, the property to revert to the survivor.

    Direct sons William and Duncan to pay to daughter Rachel $400 and to her sons John, Daniel and Hector $100 each when they arrive at the age of 21 without interest and secured as Kineth’s and Flora’s.

    Direct sons William and Duncan to pay to granddaughters Isabella and Margaret McNeill $100 each when they arrive at the age of 18 without interest and secured as above.

    Direct sons William and Duncan to pay to grandson Kineth McNeill $50 when he arrives at the age of 21 without interest and secured as above.

    To sons William and Duncan Negroes London, Frank, Martin Jack, George, Tom, Henry, Moriah, Rachel and Joshua and their future increase, and after the death of wife Reuben, Wallace, Mary and children, Sylla and her daughter Jane during their lives to be equally divided between them, and after their deaths to be divided equally (or that portion that falls to each) among his children, share and share alike.

    To sons William and Duncan my notes to assist in paying the above legacies.

    Appoint sons William and Duncan Exrs.

    Signed by mark.

    Wit: Jno. R. Reid, Alexr. Murchison, D. Reid Jr.

    1. Carolyn, Thank you and I look forward to your future contributions.

  5. From United States Provost Marshal Files of Individual Citizens 1861-1866 Images 1302 and 1303 in the Dons-Dov group (looking for Dougherty). Titled: Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, Washington, April 27, 1866. Requests transportation from Vicksburg, Miss to Chicago,Ill for Catharine (second image Katharine) Doughlay and nine (then changed to four) others Colored Orphan Children.

    Below that dated Washington, DC April 26, 1866 Respectfully referred to Brevet Brigdr Genl Henry M. Whitlesey, Chief Q.M. Dept., Miss, Vicksburg with request that he will furnish the transportation called for. Illegible Signature.

    On right side of paper: Office Chief [Illegible], Dept Miss, May 10th, 1866. Respectfully forwarding with request that necessary orders may be [illegible] transportation within request except that it be for Catharine Doughlay and four (4) others. Henry M. Wellelsey, Brt Brig Genl [illegible]

    Second page: (typed) (form headed): REQUISITION FOR TRANSPORTATION FOR DESTITUTE REFUGEES. No (handwritten 461) War Department, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. Washington, (handwritten date) April 2, 1866.
    Bvt. Maj. Gen'l D. H. Rucker, Chief Quartermaster &c., Washington, DC. General: Please cause transportation (handwritten): Katharine Doughlay and nine (9) others, Colored Orphan Children from Vicksburg, Miss to Chicago, Illinois.
    Reason: Under the provisions of G. O. 138, Series of 1865, Adjutant General's Office.
    (handwritten) To release the Government from supporting them
    By order of Maj. Gen'l O. O. Howard, Commissioner.
    A. P. Ketcham, as Assistant Adjutant General

  6. Hi,
    I'd like to add a link to my blog post about the will of Charles Hardy of Lunenburg County, Virginia. Please see:

  7. Dear Schalene. Thanks again for your work! I submitted a post about a month ago about the Farleys of Putnam County, GA right around the time the website moved to its current home.

    I have a scan of the document that I transcribed and am wondering if it could be included in the post. Is there a way I can send it?

    1. Matt, you can send me the image. psd11719 @ gmail . com (no spaces)

  8. Inventory of Enslaved People
    Name of decedent: Charles Simmons
    Probate Date 1822
    Probate Place Laurens, South Carolina, USA
    Inferred Death Year Abt 1822
    Inferred Death Place South Carolina, USA
    Item Description Estate Papers, Packets 63-8 to 68-2, 1800-1931
    Jim, a man
    Tom, a man
    Adam, a man, represented as unsound and subject to fits
    Peter, described as a boy
    [[Jinee?], Negro woman &
    Child Harriott,
    Woman Hannah,
    Girl Hannah,
    Woman Tamer &
    Child [Jinee?],
    Negro girl Pat,
    Bunch, a small mulatto boy
    Rose, &
    Child Aggy

    1. Thank you! This information has been added.

  9. This blog post is about Robert Lancaster's estate in Shelby Co, Kentucky. He died 1840. This post is about the slaves in the estate inventory.

  10. THE WILL OF REV. HENRY GAINES: State of South Carolina Pendleton District Slaves mentioned in his will
    negro woman named Laner Signed Henry Gaines, proven 2 Aug 1830.

  11. INVENTORY OF ESTATE of Richard Gaines Culpeper County, Virginia Court bearing Date the 16th Day of July 1756,
    A negro man named Will 15'0'0
    A negro Wench named Phillis White 15'0'0
    A negro Boy named Dick 25'0'0

  12. Will of James Anderson 9th day of January 1751 Parish of Southwark and the County of Surry, Virginia
    I give to my son James one Negro man called Peter.
    I give to my son Jordan Anderson one negro man named Robin to him and his heirs forever.
    I give to my son John Anderson and to his heirs forever one negro boy named Aaron.
    I give and devise to my son William one negro woman named Kate and her increase and one negro boy named Ned.

  13. George Jordan made his will in Surry County, Virginia 18 May 1718, probated Aug. 20, 1718 (bk 7, pg 145). My will is that the Labour of my Two Negroes George and Tom go to the maintenance of my wife during her natural Life and to the maintenance of my Three Youngest Children.

  14. Hi - I emailed you a fairly lengthy transcription of a probate from Shelby County, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. Did you receive it, because I don't see it here on this site.


    Sheri Fenley