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  1. Following the example of Carolyn G, I have abstracted the names of slaves from Volume 54 of the Deeds from Cumberland County, NC. I will start on other volumes. If others are current abstracting, I'd like to know. Should I send this info to the same address that you directed her to? Is plain text OK?

  2. I have finished Books 52 through 56 though I have only posted the Book 56 ones. I am in the process of checking my abstracts. I have been abstracting all records which might give relationships or movements (to other counties/states) and other items of genealogical interest. Schalene made the following request:

    It would be great if you have the time to pull out the following information in the future as we are swamped.

    Owner Name
    Slave Name
    Country, State
    Year of source document
    Type of source document (will, estate inventory, bill of sale, etc.)
    Link to source document if online

    I will be going through my abstracts as I have the time. I will not post my Book 54 ones. Let me know which books you do after Book 54 so I don't post duplicates. I am editor of our local genealogical society's newsletter and I put my abstracts (the complete abstracts if that makes sense) in them.

    1. Thanks for the advice. It seems I have redone a few of the 52-56 series, including 56. I have a few of the corrections from 56 if you're interested.

    2. I am always interested in corrections. You can email me at and thank you.

  3. Please let me know if you receive this because I am receiving an email saying it is not being sent because I used .aol mail. Thanks, Janice

    South CAROLINA, Pickens District: Moore (1836)
    Will of Burt Moore, father of Hugh Moore(Pickens District, S.C.) Written 3 Arp 1836. Will Bk. 1 p. 45 & 46.
    To my youngest son Hughey, one negro man,Frank

    Estate Sale 2 May 1836 by executor Bailey Barton.
    Negro Man Caleb to James McKenny $1005.
    One negro woman Jinny $5.00

    1800 Pendleton District S.C. Census 3 slaves
    1810 Pendleton District S.C. Census 2 slaves
    1820 """"""""""" Slaves -- Slaves 2 (18-45) Female 1 (45+)
    1830 Pickens Dist. SC Male 1@10-23 1@24-35 Female 1@54-99
    1840 Hugh Moore Pickens Dist SC census. Male 1@24 - 25.

    Abstracts of Deeds : Pendleton Dist. SC Books IJ, K & L (1818 - 1822) by A. B. Pruitt
    499) Jul 1807 - Burt Moore & Betsey Moore [daughter] (Pendleton Dist) to William Glenn (same) for 400 silver dollars sold negro woman Lydia & her child Hannah. Witnessed: 10 Oct 1807. Recorded book IJ p.274 24 Oct 1808.

  4. Kitty (Cathrine) Silas born April 1826. Sons William (Silas) Cylass 1848, Gilbert F Silas 1854 (my great grandfather), William Silas 1857, Philip Silas 1861.
    Slave owner Margaret C Barber. Info from the Washington DC Slave Owner Petitions 1862-1863.

  5. Found this on another website, do not have the original will. WRIGHT, Campbell County, VA.

    24 Oct 1805
    Will of Thomas Wright
    Sylvia, a former slave, whith [sic] whom I have had children 2 acres of land and a house. My natural son, Robert Wright, by said Sylvia whom I have freed the 370 acres that I now live on (land issued to Charles Caffery on 10 Sep 1755 and by him conveyed to Thomas Wright).
    Exors: Daniel B. Perrow, Charles GILLIAM and Lawrence W. George.
    Wit: William B, Perrow, Stephen Perrow and Charles Perrow.
    Rec. 9 Dec 1805
    Campbell County, VA, Will Book 2, page 226

  6. To the Administrators: There is a wealth of info on this site, but it is not mine, so I don;t know the ethics of copying it. Campbell County, VA. GILLIAM.

  7. "The State of Mississippi, Copiah County, Orphans Court, August term 1830.
    On application of Mrs. Christian Newell widow, and distributer to the Estate of John Newell deceased, praying a division of the following negroes a part of the personal estate of said deceased, viz.
    Sharlott, Rachael, Perry, Edy, Lucy, Harriet, Rebecca, Benjamin and Nancy.
    It is ordered that William N. Miller, Joseph White and William K. Perkins be appointed as companions to make a partition of said negroes among the following distributies fourt
    Christian Newell, John Newell, Mary Newell, Elizabeth Newell and Thomas Newell and that they make report thereof to this court within six months.
    A true copy of the order as on the minutes of court this 24th day of August A.D. 1830
    Wm Barnes Reg."

    The slaves were distributed as follows:
    Sharlott age 45, Benjamin and Nancy both children to Christian Newell.
    Rachael age 17 to Thomas Newell.
    Perry age 16 to John Newell.
    Edy age 12 and girl Rebecca to Elizabeth Newell.
    Lucy age 10 and girl Harriet to Mary Newell.

    Perry Newell (as he went by in 1870) went on to marry a woman named Elizabeth who was born about 1825 in Mississippi. Perry was also born in Mississippi. He stayed in Copiah County until at least 1870. They had a daughter named Jane born about 1857 in Mississippi.

    There is an Eddie Newell in Lincoln County, Mississippi (which was made from Copiah County in 1870) who was born about 1817 in Alabama. This is possibly the same slave named Edy age 12 in 1830. He is living by himself but he is next to a 19 year old Perry Newell who was married to Lucinda born about 1849 and with a daughter Martha age 10.

    It's possible Sharlott (born about 1785) was the mother of the slaves Rachael (born about 1813), Perry (born about 1814), Edy (born about 1818) and Lucy (born about 1820). She is also possibly the mother of the children Harriet, Rebecca, Benjamin and Nancy but no ages were noted just that they were children.

    In 1850 Thomas Newell who inherited the slave Rachael and was living in Copiah County, Mississippi had the following slaves:
    Bob, Dick, a woman and child, and a girl.

    In 1856 after his death this estate is divided among his sons. The following slaves were listed:
    boy Bob given to his son Oregon Newell
    boy Dic given to his son John Newell
    girl Harriet and infant Newell given to his son Thomas Newell Jr.
    woman Ginney or Jinsy and infant Christian given to his widow who was remarried Mrs. Susan Britt. (She remarried Greenberry Britt in 1853).

  8. (17 December 1855)
    "Carroll County, State of Mississippi
    We the undersigned having been called upon by William Jackson to appraise the following named slaves to be distributed amongst his living children to wit.
    Brantley Jackson, Henry Jackson, William Jackson Jun., Alfred Jackson, Green Jackson, Ally Heslip, Celia Noland.
    Appraise them at the following notes to wit.
    Adam $500
    Lee $1000
    Ben $1000
    Ann Mara $850
    Rachel $850
    Catharine $850
    Sally $850
    All of which is repectfully submitted and we hope it will prove satisfactory to the Legalis (not sure what this says) this the 17th day of December 1855.
    Martin S. Catron
    B.J. Marshall"

    (27th Dec 1855)
    "State of Mississippi, Carroll County
    We the undersigned being called upon by William Jackson Jun. to assist in having the following slaves drawn for, have proceeded to execute the same as follows, to wit.
    Lee was drawn by L.B. Bagly as proxy for H.G. Jackson
    Ben by Henry Jackson
    Ann M. by william Jackson Jun.
    Rachel by Brantly Jackson
    Cathrine by Celia Noland
    Sally by Joseph P. Hughes as proxy for Alfred Jackson
    all of which is respectfuly submitted A.D. December 27, 1855.
    Martin S. Catron
    B.J. Marshall
    C.B. Deret"

    *note on following page it lists Ally Heslip as being given "1 negro man". It can be surmised that Ally was given the slave Adam as we was appraised on the 17th and was the only slave not listed as being drawn.

  9. For Liberty County, Georgia, I have a blog where I am documenting the names of African-Americans who were mentioned in the Liberty County wills book, 1790-1823. Abstracts have previously been published with only the white names. Each blog post has an original will abstract with the white names, then names of the African-Americans mentioned with screenshots of their names from the original wills, and links to the original will on Ancestry and FamilySearch.

    If anyone knows that someone is already doing this for Liberty County, please let me know! I have about 50 posts up so far.

    Stacy Ashmore Cole

  10. Thank you for creating and maintaining this web site!

    For anyone researching in ARKANSAS. I have created a searchable and downloadable spreadsheet called Arkansas Slave Names. It is sortable by county, enslaved name, slaveholder name, and document date. There is also a citation for each entry.

    You can access it at Slavery in Arkansas:

    I will add the Arkansas entries from this page to the spreadsheet too!

  11. Town of Colchester, Hartford, Connecticut 1780
    Name of the enslaved: Philis
    Name of the Slave Owner: Samuel Day
    Source: Wills and Probate Records

    Date and Location of the Source:, Connecticut, Wills and Probate Records, 1609-1999 for Samuel Day, 1780 Hartford, Connecticut.

    Information: "A release from slavery Negro Woman Philis, instantly free and discharge her from slavery."

    Colleen Wethington

  12. Source: Abstracts of Wills, Administrations and Marriage of Fauquier County, Virginia 1739-1800 - J. Estelle Stewart King.1980. Page 36.
    WINKFIELD, Honor
    Date of Instrument :24 Nov 1798
    Probate Date: 22 April 1799
    To Ben, a Negro slave, belonging to James Gillison, Sr., whom I claim as my husband, all my estate. Exrs: John Gillison, Lewis Shumate. Wit: Elizabeth Shumate, Betty Shumate, Jane Shumate.

  13. Details found in the Estate of John Ballenger, Spartanburg District, South Carolina, petition for probate filed 18 Dec 1848.1 Included in the listing of bills of sale for this estate were a number of records of the sale of slaves from Ballenger's estate. These individuals are listed below.

    [sold] to B. F. Montgomery, a boy Clark, [sold for] $666

    to Wm Ballenger, a girl Mary, $301

    to Thurren Montgomery, a boy Elias, $250

    to Andrew McMakin, Sary and child $505

    to T. C. Carson, a Negro boy Frank, $315

    to Jno. Wheeler, a boy Edmund, $550

    1 "Administrations, Boxed 1-3, 1804-1847," South Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1670-1980 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA; Operations, 2015, citing original date: South Carolina County, District and Probate Courts.

    #SlaveNameRollProject #SouthCarolina

  14. Will of Francis Wright 1767, Amherst County, VA
    (A Negro girl named Lucy to John Wright)

    Will dated 9 Dec 1766, probated 7 Sept 1767, Amherst Co, VA:In the name of God Amen, I Francis Wright of Amherst County & Parish do make and order this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form as Followeth. Item I give to my oldest son Benjamin Wright forty shillings sterling. Item I give to my Daugheter Anner Waters one shilling, I give to my Daughter Elisabeth Morris one Shilling, I give to my Daughter Marry Shelton one Shilling, I give to my son Thos. Wright one Shilling. I give to my son Moses Wright one Shilling. Also, I give to my son John Wright a negro Girls named Lucy, her and her seed for him and his heirs forever. I give to my son Isaac all the rest of my Estate (viz) Same & Jude, Umphre, Patience and Pattey. I constitute, nominate and appoint my well beloved sons, Isaac Wright and John Wright Exers of this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all former Wills in Witness whereof I have here untoset my Hand and Seal this Ninth day of December 1766.

    Francis E. Wright (his mark)
    David Woodroof
    John Waters
    Annar Waters

  15. I found some baptism announcements for children born to slaves (including the name of the slave owner) in Western Maryland Catholic records while I was looking for family members. I did not go through the entire record--just wrote down those over a few years that I was scanning. What is the best way to transfer this information to you? I looked through your site and did not see any reference to Maryland Catholic church records, so thought that sharing at least this partial list might stiumulate someone to check those records for slave names.

  16. One of my research questions was who were Penelope's parents. Well of course, I had to find when her master bought her. And as I was searching the wills and probate records I thought wouldn't it be nice if somewhere there was a listing of slave's names. And here it is! I am extremely interested in volunteering my time to go through the wills and probates. So, I will work on Georgia Probate Records - 1790 - 1990. This is from Family Search: Franklin County, Georgia miscellaneous loose papers 1790 -1881. Names will be posted soon. And thank you for starting this endeavor. Carmaleeta Newchurch

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  18. Let me try again. The format I had first was too confusing.

    My Source: Family Search: Georgia Probate Records; 1742 - 1990 Under Franklin County

    Estate of John May, a Will dated 1827

    Slave Names and to whom and what County:

    Luvis to Nancy May in Franklin Cty;
    Daniel to Nancy May in Franklin Cty;
    George to Mary Attaway in Appling Cty;
    Mary to Mary Attaway in Appling Cty;
    Cate to Jan Baird in Irvin Cty;
    Terry to Jan Baird in Irvin Cty;
    Sam to Matilda Avery in Appling Cty;
    Harriet to Matilda Avery in Appling Cty;
    Evy to Laury Dona in Early Cty;
    Ben to Nancy Avery in Early Cty;
    Mariah to Nancy Avery in Early Cty;

  19. My Source: Family Search: Georgia Probate Records, 1742 - 1990 under Franklin County

    Estate of Ropil Jones, a Will dated 1827

    Slave names to Whom in what County

    Anica to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty
    Caty to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty;
    Friday to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty;
    Dice to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty;
    Trent to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty;
    Peter to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty;
    Sarah to Sarah Jones in Franklin Cty:
    Sarah Children:

    Harry is to be freed but be under guardianship

    Estate of William Pulliam, a Will dated 1828

    Hubbard to Thomas King in Franklin Cty

    Estate of David Sloan, a Will in Pendleton District, South Carolina
    (Some of his family lived in Franklin Cty, Georgia)
    He had 54 slaves but he only named three slaves who he gave to his grandchildren.

    Bob, about 14 years old to grandson David Sloan
    Elvina, about 6 years old to granddaughter, Susana Taylor
    Edward, about 16 years old to grandson Charles Bruce

    Estate of William Wilkinson, a Will dated 1829

    York to Fanny Wilkinson in Franklin Cty
    Nancy to Fanny Wilkinson in Franklin Cty
    Sarah to son James in Franklin Cty
    Jerusha to son William H. Wilkinson in Franklin Cty
    Comfort to daughter Nelmu in Franklin Cty
    Sevina to daughter Orpah in franklin Cty

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    1. Thank you for providing this site in today's presentation.

  22. I have LOTS of information to share. What sort of results are you getting to date in helping African-Americans find their ancestors?

  23. Hi, I've gone over the ledgers of my ancestor's plantation (Burke Co., NC) and made a list of names of enslaved people and also tried to group them into family units as much as possible. Here's a link to the list:

  24. My contribution:

  25. 2nd contribution:

  26. I Micajah Terrell do hereby make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say I desire that all my debts may be paid. 2nd after the payment of all my debts I give to my wife Hannagh Terrell during her natural life all the personal property I may die possessed of; and after her decese I give to my son Archibald Terrell a certain mulatto man named Major, I give to my son Samuel Terrell a certain mulatto boy named David, I give to my daughter Sarah Terrell a certain mulatto woman named Rachel, I give to my daughter Mary P Terrell a certain negro man named Ben, I give to my son Timothy Terrell all lands that may belong to me or might after my decease descend to my heirs at law, I give to my said son Timothy the revision and remainder of all lands belonging to me or might devolve on my heirs was I to die [intestate] in the states of North and South Carolina, I give o my said son Timothy all lands and [?] thereunto [?] that are of my right. And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my son Timothy Terrell sole executor to this my last will and testament, in witness where[?] I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this thirtieth day of October 1805.

    Signed sealed [?] and delivered and for the last will and testament of the above named Micajah Terrell in presence of us

    John [bray?]
    Mather [Corzin?]

  27. Louisiana, Slave Records, 1719-1820

    Name: Etienne
    Gender: Male
    Race: Black
    Age: 30
    Birth Year: Abt 1767
    Birth Place: Serer*
    Skills: pickaxe, woodsman, pick and shovel (pelle), pioche,
    azodonero, espiochero, woodsman, tree feller, bucheur,
    cortador de lena
    Other History: sold or inventoried as an individual

    African language Group: West Atlantic
    Document Date: 19 November 1797
    Location: St. Charles (Old German Coast)
    Document number: 1460
    Notary: St. Amand
    Document Language: French
    Document Depository: housed in parish courthouses.
    Estate Number: 06-S-125-002-1797
    Deceased Master of Estate: Jean Baptiste Champagne
    Estate population: 2
    Inventory Value: 550
    Inventory Common Price: 550

    *Serer [West African ethnic group; 3rd largest ethnic group in Senegal]

  28. George Wheeler (1762-1835)
    Six enslaved people named in his 1827 will:
    1. negro man Abraham
    2. negro woman Judy
    3. negro man Richard
    4. negro man William
    5. negro woman Nancy
    6. negro boy Peeter.
    Newberry District/County, South Carolina
    1827 Will (Apparently, he didn't die until 1835.)
    Source info:
    South Carolina. Newberry County. Probate records. "South Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1670-1980." Digital images. : 2015.
    Direct link to document at

    Thank you for doing this project!

  29. Slaves: Selah, Addaline, Infant Child
    Date: 1848
    Location: Chambers County, Alabama
    Document: Will
    Slave Owners: George W. Hunt and Elizabeth Wood Hunt

    George W. Hunt Decd. Will
    The State of Alabama
    Chambers County
    December the 13th 1847.
    In the name of God amen. Know all men by these presents that I George W. Hunt of the state of Alabama & county of Chambers, being of sound mind and memory do make this my last and only will and testament, and at the same time do revoke all other wills and testaments made by me. 1st. I will that all just debts be paid 2nd. I give and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth a negro woman named Selah and her two children, Addaline and an infant child with their increase. To have and to hold during her life time, and at her death to be equally divided between the heirs of her body. I also will to my wife a certain boy horse called Buck. 3rd. I appoint Alexander Howard executor to this will. Signed sealed and delivered the day and date first above written in presence of M.A. Burett, William Holt, David S. William Clement Sharman.

    George W. Hunt (seal)

    The above will probated upon the oath of Mark A. Burnett one of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded as and for the last will and testament of George W. Hunt Decd. January 8th 1848.

    C. C. Forbes H.C.