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  1. Following the example of Carolyn G, I have abstracted the names of slaves from Volume 54 of the Deeds from Cumberland County, NC. I will start on other volumes. If others are current abstracting, I'd like to know. Should I send this info to the same address that you directed her to? Is plain text OK?

  2. I have finished Books 52 through 56 though I have only posted the Book 56 ones. I am in the process of checking my abstracts. I have been abstracting all records which might give relationships or movements (to other counties/states) and other items of genealogical interest. Schalene made the following request:

    It would be great if you have the time to pull out the following information in the future as we are swamped.

    Owner Name
    Slave Name
    Country, State
    Year of source document
    Type of source document (will, estate inventory, bill of sale, etc.)
    Link to source document if online

    I will be going through my abstracts as I have the time. I will not post my Book 54 ones. Let me know which books you do after Book 54 so I don't post duplicates. I am editor of our local genealogical society's newsletter and I put my abstracts (the complete abstracts if that makes sense) in them.

    1. Thanks for the advice. It seems I have redone a few of the 52-56 series, including 56. I have a few of the corrections from 56 if you're interested.

    2. I am always interested in corrections. You can email me at and thank you.

  3. Please let me know if you receive this because I am receiving an email saying it is not being sent because I used .aol mail. Thanks, Janice

    South CAROLINA, Pickens District: Moore (1836)
    Will of Burt Moore, father of Hugh Moore(Pickens District, S.C.) Written 3 Arp 1836. Will Bk. 1 p. 45 & 46.
    To my youngest son Hughey, one negro man,Frank

    Estate Sale 2 May 1836 by executor Bailey Barton.
    Negro Man Caleb to James McKenny $1005.
    One negro woman Jinny $5.00

    1800 Pendleton District S.C. Census 3 slaves
    1810 Pendleton District S.C. Census 2 slaves
    1820 """"""""""" Slaves -- Slaves 2 (18-45) Female 1 (45+)
    1830 Pickens Dist. SC Male 1@10-23 1@24-35 Female 1@54-99
    1840 Hugh Moore Pickens Dist SC census. Male 1@24 - 25.

    Abstracts of Deeds : Pendleton Dist. SC Books IJ, K & L (1818 - 1822) by A. B. Pruitt
    499) Jul 1807 - Burt Moore & Betsey Moore [daughter] (Pendleton Dist) to William Glenn (same) for 400 silver dollars sold negro woman Lydia & her child Hannah. Witnessed: 10 Oct 1807. Recorded book IJ p.274 24 Oct 1808.