Tuesday, December 5, 2017

KENTUCKY, Calloway County: Boaz (1852-1873)

In an autobiography by Methodist Bishop Hiram Abiff Boaz, he describes his father's life. Peter Maddox Boaz left Calloway County, Kentucky, in 1873 and moved to Tarrant County about seven miles from what is now the City of Fort Worth.

"Some of them [former slaves owned by Peter Maddox Boaz] remained with him as hired servants for some time. One of them, 'Cupe' by name, came with him to Texas and remained with him to the day of his death, as a hired servant, of course. Thus my father demonstrated the kindness of his great heart."

BOAZ, Hiram Abiff. Eighty-four Golden Years: The Autobiography of Bishop Hiram Abiff Boaz, (Nashville, TN: Parthenon Press, 1951), pages 15-16.

OTHER GEOGRAPHIES: Tarrant County, Texas

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