Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ALABAMA, Clarke County: Robinson (1853)

From the Last Will and Testament of Russell Robinson of Clarke County Alabama - dated 24 August 1853:

Slave inherited by John R. Robinson: Edy (24 year old female). Slaves inherited by Tucker B. Robinson: York (40 year old male), Mary (female, woman - age not stated), Harry (70 year old male). Slaves inherited by Sarah Robinson Horn (husband Josiah Horn): Spencer (boy - age not stated), Nancy (6 months - daughter of Edy). Slaves inherited by Francis Robinson Robinson (husband John W Robinson): Jim (about 26 year old male) and Prinnes (best guess - illegible) a six year old boy. Slaves inherited by Tracy M Robinson Robinson (husband Thomas Robinson): Will (man - age not given), Eliza (woman - 9 years old). Slaves inherited by Martha A Robinson Mosely (husband Robert Mosely): Gabriel (man - 22 years old), Lotty (woman - aged 6 years old).


  1. I found Edy from Clarke County and believe she was previously owned by Albert Abner Turner of Clarke County who died in 1850. Her name, age, and location fits Edy found in estate papers of Albert Turner.

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