Thursday, March 23, 2017

GEORGIA, Washington County: Williams (1864)

Kristi doesn't blog about her family history, but she left a comment with information about the will of her three times great grandfather, John Williams (1796-1864), whose estate was probated after his death on 12 February 1864.

John Williams (1796-1864) lived in Washington County, Georgia. Cynthia Williams, his wife, and the rest of the people listed in the will are his children. It is an exact transcription.

"The following is a list of the Division of negroes property of the Estate of John Williams deceased this Feby 12th 1864.

Cheryl Sellers drew PAUL valued at 4500.00
Elizabeth Rogers drew SAM valued at 4300.00
Cyntha Williams drew BELL valued at 4300.00
Cyntha Smith drew ABRAM valued at 4300.00
Martha Williams drew LITTLE MIKE valued at 2500.00
Amanda Williams drew FORTUNE valued at 2500.00
Mrs. Mary Hitchcock drew OLD LEWY valued at 1500.00 and LITTLE LEWIS valued at 1200.00
Thomas Williams drew ROSE valued at 1600.00 and LIZZY valued at 1700 and 100.00 [this entry is unclear]
Grace Miller drew CHARLOTTE & child valued at 1500.00
John Williams drew SEANY ANN valued at 1450.00 and OLD MIKE valued at 200.00 and 1400.00 [this entry is unclear]

The foregoing is a statement and Division of the negroes of the Estate of John Williams deceased under oath."

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