Friday, March 31, 2017

MARYLAND, Saint Mary's County

MARYLAND -- Saint Mary's County

Slaves of the MATTINGLY family (Father Walton's list of Easter communicants dated 1794)

Slaves of Bennett MATTINGLY (undated will)

Slave of Dorothy MATTINGLY (will dated 1774)

Slaves of Edward MATTINGLY (will dated 1778)

Slave of Elizabeth MATTINGLY (will dated 1773)

Slaves of Ignatius MATTINGLY (will dated 1807)

Slave of John MATTINGLY (undated will)

Slaves of Luke MATTINGLY (will dated 1783)

Slave of Priscilla MATTINGLY (will dated 1790)

Slaves of Robert MATTINGLY (will dated 1776)

Slave of Thomas MATTINGLY, Sr. (will dated 1774)

Slaves of Thomas MATTINGLY, Jr. (will dated 1793)

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