Friday, March 31, 2017

NEW YORK, Rochester County

NEW YORK -- Rochester County

Runaway slave, Grandison Boyd, pays old debt (former owner and location unknown) (dated 1855)


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    New York - Rochester
    New York, Wills and Probate Records, 1659-1999 for John Schoonmaker; Albany; Wills As-Au, 1629-1802. Image 39-42 of 590. Accessed 10/31/2017.

    Original Will in "Low Dutch" [images 39-40] of Johannes Schoonmaker, translated in 1775 to English in images 41-42, the Will of John Schoonmaker (c1694-1774), written 10/31/1773, "Dated May 10th 1774" and "Recorded 23 February 1775."

    "I give to my son, Jochem Schoonmaker Jr., or to his Heirs, my Negro Boy Tom,...and also my Negro Wench Mal." In the original these enslaved people are referred to as "...myn Hoger Jongo Tam,...myn Hegerin Mal."

    "I give to my son Lodewyck Schoonmaker or to his Heirs my negro Girl Fil..." or "...myn Hogerinitjo. Fil."