Friday, March 31, 2017

TENNESSEE, Davidson County

TENNESSEE -- Davidson County (includes Nashville)

Advertisement of sale of slaves by John BRYANT (sale dated 1858)

Slave of Henry Chambers (article dated 1825)

Slaves of Rev. John DILLAHUNTY (inventory dated 1816)

Slave of John EBLIN (newspaper clipping dated 1825)

Slaves of Milley EVERETT (sales dated 1858)

Slave of A. J. FORD (slave sale advertisement dated 1853)

Slave of Robert GIBSON (newspaper article dated 1935)

Slaves of William GOWER (will dated 1851 and sale dated 1860)

Slave sale by Francis HARDGRAVE (sale dated 1818)

Slaves of Francis HARDGRAVE (will dated 1827)

Slave sale by Francis HARDGRAVE (sale dated 1828)

Slaves purchased by John HARDGRAVE (sales dated 1819 and 1820)

Slave sale by William HARDING and John HARTGRAVES (sale dated 1809)

Slaves of Henrietta JACOBS (newspaper advertisement dated 1823)

Slave of John LOVELL (Mary Wray obituary dated 1911)

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