Wednesday, March 15, 2017

TENNESSEE, Sumner: Bennett (1823)

This is a contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project from Dave:

"I William Bennett of Sumner County & State of Tennessee being of sound mind and memory but knowing the uncertainty of my time in this world have thought proper to make the following distribution of such worldly goods as a gratious God has given me between my beloved wife & ten children. 1st, It is my will that all my just debts & funeral expenses be paid out of the whole of my estate. 2nd, It is my will that my wife have the house and plantation with its appuntenances one negro woman by the name of SUCKING and a boy by the name of BOB and one good gentle horse one cow & calf one cupboard & one desk to possess during her natural life. 3rd, It is also my will that my wife have one certain bed, bedstead & furniture & twenty five dollars in silver to dispose of as she thinks proper. 4th, It is my will that my three sons have the tract of land where on we now live containing two hundred acres to be divided as follows, Elisha to have at her Mothers death the house and eighty acres of land to be laid off so as to include the house & the north west corner of said track the balance to be equally divided between Richard & William agreeable to their situation. 5th It is my will that the value of the above land be fixed at ten dollars pr. acre and the negroes which I gave my seven daughters at the time of their marriage be fixed at three hundred and twenty five dollars each and that each of my daughters receive as much of my other property was will make their portions equal to that of my son & the balance of any to be equally divided between my ten children I do hereby constitute & appoint my three sons Elsiha Bennett Richard Bennett & William Bennett my Executor of this my last will and testiment. In witness whereof I have here unto set my this twenty fourth of March one thousand eight hundred & twenty three. Signed sealed in the presence of William Bennett, Joel Parrish, David Wilson, Wm Wherry Sr.
William Bennett Seal.

State of Tennesee, Sumner County Court May Term 1823. The last will and testiment of William Bennett dec'd was exhibited in open court for probate & was there upon duly proved by the oaths of Joel Parrish one of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded where upon Elisha Bennett, Richard Bennett & William Bennett the Executors therein named insaid last will appeared in court & took the oath of Executors prescribed by law & together with Phillip Chapman, Wiliw Vinson & William McElrath their securities extend into & scknowledge their bond to the Governor in the penalty of four thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs. A copy test.

A.H.Douglas Clerk."

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