Friday, March 31, 2017

VIRGINIA, Richmond

VIRGINIA -- Richmond (Independent City)

Runaway slave advertisements (appeared in the Richmond Daily Dispatch on 27 Feb 1862);cc=ddr;type=simple;rgn=div2;q1=blackwell;view=text;subview=detail;sort=occur;idno=ddr0411.0021.050;node=ddr0411.0021.050%3A13.5


  1. Found this in United States Provost Marshal Files of Individual Citizens 1861-1866 on Libby Prison, Richmond Virginia. February 18th, 1866.
    W. W. Beckwith:
    Sir: Thair is one EMANUEL WAIT (colored) confined hear under the charge of murder. He wishes to see you on Business.
    Yours &c.c.
    J. T. Tipping, Turnkey