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LOUISIANA, Avoyells Parish (1842

Avoyelles parish, LA

1842, June 6
(474, 476) Art. 29th

Resolved that the Police Jury of Avoyelles have given their consent to the prayers of the petition of Leandre Guillot for the emancipation of his four coloured children-viz: Oliver, a boy, age ten years; Valbon a boy age about eight years, Jerome, a boy, age about six years, and Simelien, a boy, age three years, & that the prayers of said petition be considered as having passed at its first reading as required by an act of the Legislature approved March 28th 1831.

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  1. I'd like to add information that I have to the Slave Name Roll Project, but I'm not sure this is the correct way to do it.

    Wm H Green
    May 27, 1864
    Household of John E. Mattingly
    St. Mary's County, Maryland
    Document: letter from the Provost Marshall's Office, 5th District Maryland to John E. Mattingly:

    "Sir: I herewith respectfully furnish you with a list of Colored Persons held to service by you, and who were enrolled onteh 19th day of March, 1864, in teh 4th district of St. mary's County, Md., and who are held subject to be drafted into the Military service of the United States, viz: Wm H Green Age 30."

    1. A comment anywhere on the blog works as a way to make a contribution. If you prefer, you may also email me psd11719 @ gmail . com (no space). Thanks!