Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MISSISSIPPI: Warren County (Vicksburg) (1861-1866)

From www.familysearch.org United States Provost Marshal Files of Individual Citizens 1861-1866 Images 1302 and 1303 in the Dons-Dov group (looking for Dougherty). Titled: Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, Washington, April 27, 1866. Requests transportation from Vicksburg, Miss to Chicago, Ill. for Catharine (second image Katharine) Doughlay and nine (then changed to four) others Colored Orphan Children.

Below that dated Washington, DC April 26, 1866 Respectfully referred to Brevet Brigdr Genl Henry M. Whitlesey, Chief Q.M. Dept., Miss, Vicksburg with request that he will furnish the transportation called for. Illegible Signature.

On right side of paper: Office Chief [Illegible], Dept Miss, May 10th, 1866. Respectfully forwarding with request that necessary orders may be [illegible] transportation within request except that it be for Catharine Doughlay and four (4) others. Henry M. Wellelsey, Brt Brig Genl [illegible]

Second page: (typed) (form headed): REQUISITION FOR TRANSPORTATION FOR DESTITUTE REFUGEES. No (handwritten 461) War Department, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. Washington, (handwritten date) April 2, 1866.
Bvt. Maj. Gen'l D. H. Rucker, Chief Quartermaster &c., Washington, DC. General: Please cause transportation (handwritten): Katharine Doughlay and nine (9) others, Colored Orphan Children from Vicksburg, Miss to Chicago, Illinois.
Reason: Under the provisions of G. O. 138, Series of 1865, Adjutant General's Office. 
(handwritten) To release the Government from supporting them
By order of Maj. Gen'l O. O. Howard, Commissioner.
A. P. Ketcham, as Assistant Adjutant General 

Other locations: Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

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