Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SOUTH CAROLINA, Laurens County: Simmons (1822)

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Inventory of Enslaved People 
Name of decedent: Charles Simmons
Probate Date 1822
Probate Place Laurens, South Carolina, USA
Inferred Death Year Abt 1822
Inferred Death Place South Carolina, USA
Item Description Estate Papers, Packets 63-8 to 68-2, 1800-1931
Jim, a man
Tom, a man
Adam, a man, represented as unsound and subject to fits
Peter, described as a boy
[[Jinee?], Negro woman & 
Child Harriott,
Woman Hannah, 
Girl Hannah, 
Woman Tamer & 
Child [Jinee?], 
Negro girl Pat, 
Bunch, a small mulatto boy
Rose, &
Child Aggy

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