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TENNESSEE, Shelby County: Roberts (1859)

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Schuyler H. Roberts born 11 September 1804   Nelson County, Virginia; died  8 December 1859     Shelby County, Tennessee

Schuyler H. Roberts is the son of Zachariah Roberts and Sarah Harris of Amherst County, Virginia and Nelson County, Virginia.

At the time of his death his wife was Mary.  She later remarried to James Kincannon

Schuyler had children:

Waddy Roberts who died at the age of  , single, no children
Joan L. Roberts who married Fernando T. Scott
Sallie Medora Roberts who married Fernando T. Scott after the death of her sister
Jacob S. Roberts who died at the age of  single, no children
Charles Roberts

The Roberts family members all remained in Shelby County, Tennessee for their lifetime.  Three of the slaves mentioned in the probate records below are brothers and took the surname of Roberts.  All three ended up purchasing the same land where they had lived when they were enslaved.  It has been proven through DNA that the father of these three brothers is their white master - Schuyler H. Roberts.  After the Civil War, all three brothers lived and worked alongside the former widow of Schuyler Roberts - Mary Kincannon and the only remaining white child - Sallie Medora Roberts Scott and her husband Fernando T. Scott. 

Probate file #377 - Schuyler H. Roberts, 1859

Shelby County, Tennessee

To the Hon J W A Pittch Judge of the County Court of Shelby County Tenn your petitioner T C Blakely adms of all and ____ the goods and chattle rights and credits of the late S H Roberts who departed this life intestate in the month of December A.D. 1859 in the County of Shelby and who you duly and legally qualified of such Adms by the Hon County Court of Shelby at the January Term thereof ____ and Mary Roberts widow of the said S H Roberts both of whom are residents of the County of Shelby

Humbly ______ _____ much respectfully represent to your Hon that said S.H. Roberts dec'd surviving him the following named children towit Wady W Roberts, Joan L Roberts, Sallie M Roberts, Jacob S Roberts, and Charles Roberts who are all residing in the county of Shelby and under the age of twenty one years

J L Glover is guardian for Wady, W A H McKinney is guardian for Joan L and that Mary Roberts is guardian for Sallie M Jacob S and Charles Roberts who have been _____ appointed such guardians of said minors and they are also residents of Shelby county Your Petitioner would further represent to your Hon that amongst other property not necessary here to mention said deceased departed this life seized and possessed of the following slave property to wit:

Nelson, Cesar, Sookey, Harriet, Mahala, Gabriel, Sena, Malinda, Mary, Tom, Margaret, Jenny, Elizabeth, Frances, Malvena, Curtis, Pinkey, Ann, Elisa, Maria, Ben, Mack, Jane, Martha, Quentin, Preston, Jack, Jim, Mansfield, Lewis, Henry, cornelia, Napolean, Herbrides, Ellen Henrietta, Henry (2) Lewis (2) Bob, Jane, Forrest, Sam, Elisa Delap, Sarah, Catherine, Kitty, Margaret (2),  Louesa your petitioner would respect fully represent to your Hon that

Probate file #405 - S. H. Roberts, 1859

Shelby County, Tennessee

The commissioners appointed by the County Court of Shelby County Tenn at the _____Term ______ to divide the slaves named in the order by which we were appointed after having been duly sworn have this day proceed to discharge the duties assigned us We have estimated the aggregate value of said slaves to be twenty nine thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars ($29,850) and have alloted to

Mrs. Mary Kincannon the following named slaves Clark valued at $900 Gabriel valued at $400 Malvina valued at $700 Henrietta + infant $1000 Cornelia $800 Pink valued at $500 Ann valued at $400 and Alice valued at $300 making an aggregate value of $5000

And to Waddy Roberts we have allotted Jim valued at $1000 Bob valued at $800 Jane Forest valued at $800 Eliza ____ valued at $800 Sena valued at $600 & her child Margaret valued at $400 Sarah valued at $400 + Jennie valued at $200 making an aggregate value of $5000

To F.T. Scott and wife Joan Scott we have allotted Nelson valued at $400 Henry valued at $1000 Eliza valued at $500 Kittie valued at $800 Harriet valued at $400 Mariah valued at $500 Mack valued at $400 Jim valued at $200 + Ben valued at $500 making an aggregate value of $5000 [only adds up to $4700]

 To Sallie Roberts we have allotted Press valued at $1000 Cesar valued at $500 Sukey valued at $400 Jane valued at $800 Catherine valued at $800 Margaret valued at $600 Lewis valued at $300 Jeff Davis valued at $150 and Tom valued at $600 making an aggregate of $4950 [adds up to $5150]

To Jacob Roberts we have allotted Jack valued at $900 big Lewis valued at $900 Elizabeth valued at $800 Malinda valued at $800 Little Henry valued at $600 Frances valued at $400 and Curtis valued at $600 making an aggregate of $5000 and to Charles Roberts we have allotted Quentin valued at $1000 Napolean valued at $900 Hebrides valued at $500 Ellen valued at $900 Mary valued at $800 + Martha valued at $600 making an aggregate of $4800 [adds up to $4700] all of the above lots having been assigned by drawing. We further report that there are two slaves Mahala and Mansfield that we consider worthless. 

All of which is respectfully submitted this 27th day of December 1861

Thomas M. Moore

Wm Carter

Probate file #2020 - Schuyler H. Roberts, 1860

Shelby County, Tennessee

An Inventory of the personal estate of S.H. Roberts deceased

46 negroes To Wit:

Nelson aged about 54 Cesar about 37 gabriel age about 50 (Rheumatic) Clark age about 30 Mansfield about 26 (_____) Quinton about 22 Preston 20 Jim about 20 Jack about 18 Sam about 20 Lewis about 17 Henry about 12 Harriet about 43 Sucky about 45 Mahala about 49 (_______) Sena about 32 and her four children Malinda about 15 Mary about 11 Tom about 5 Margaret 2 Elizabeth about 26 and one child Frances about 3 Malvina about 25 and four children Curtis about 7 Pickney about 5 Ann about 3 Alice 1 Elisa about 26 and three children Mariah about 8 Ben about 5 Mack about 2 Jane about 25 Martha 23 Cornelia about 13 Ellen about 18 Henrietta about 16 Elisa Delap about 20 and one child Sarah about 18 months Jane Forrest about 17 Catherine about 14 Kitty about 12 Margaret about 11 Bob about 18 Napolean 9 Henry 8 Herbrides about 5 Lewis about 5

Hive of Negroes
Malvina + 4 children
Eliza + 3 children
Scena + 2 children
Harriet + 1 child
Sookey + 2 children 

Jane Forrest

Eliza + 1 child

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  1. The Schuyler Roberts is buried in Germantown,Shelby,Tennessee... two of the seven children he had by his slave girl Mahala Roberts are buried in Germantown,Tenn.The Roberts Family had the first complete Family reunion in Memphis and Germantown on July 5-8,2018 ant this reunion cousins from the White and Black Roberts...The event was a success.