Friday, November 24, 2017

ALABAMA, Jefferson County: Sandifer and Grace (1837)

From Vivian:

STATE OF ALABAMA Jefferson County
DEED OF TRUST Page 72-73
EDWARD L. SANDIFER to B.E. Grace, Trustee, both of Jefferson Co., Ala. 
Enslaved persons: 
Alford, about 28 yrs. old
Sam, about 30 yrs.
Susan, about 30
Louis, about 12
Tom, about 8
Harriet, about 4
Charity, about 3
Oliver, about 2

Premises, the following negro slaves, Alford, about 28 yrs. old, Sam, about 30 yrs., Susan, about 30, Louis, about 12, Tom, about 8, Harriet, about 4, Charity, about 3 and Oliver, about 2.
Whereas, the said Edward L. Sandifer is indebted to Wm. Hawkins in the sum of $1500 as evidenced by note, with H.W. Goyne indorser, and another note of $70.00 payable to John Martin, held by H.W. Goyne. The said Edward L. Sandifer being further liable to
the said HW. Goyne, as indorser on two notes on Lowry Sandifer, one for $100.00, another $1600, also security of said Sandifer to a note for $90.00 Payable to Geo. M. Chambers, whereas Jason Addington & William G. Linthicum are securities of the said
Sandifer in the sum of $100.00, discounted by the bank of the State of Ala. Edward L. Sandifer being willing to secure payment of said notes, executes this deed of trust. Wit: L. G. McMillion, June 9, 1837. Joint ack. of B.E. Grace, H.W. Goyne, Wm. G. Linthicum and Jason Addington before Hugh Morrow, Clk. Cir. C. June 9, 1837. Filed June 9, recorded June 12, 1837, B.E. Grace, Clk. C.C.

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