Monday, November 20, 2017

TENNESSEE, Sumner County: Keesee (1825)

From an anonymous contributor:

From the will of George Faris KEESEE, who died in Sumner Tennessee in 1825. The list includes first names and which family member he "left" them to. As follows(as best I can make out the handwriting):

To his wife Agnes: Daniel, Aice(?), Ben, Gabriel, (Chaina?)

To his daughter, Larree (or Laura) Smith, wife of Lance Smith: Clay, Tailor, Big Rachel, Ann, Charles, Harris.

To his daughter Patience Smith: Penny, Gillen, Peter, Gin, Hardy, Andy.

To his daughter Rhody (Rhoda) McKnight (wife of William McKnight): Chapel, Iram(Isram?), Mary, Harriet, Jacob, Little Bob. 

To his son Thomas Keesee: Booker, Big Isram, Clock(?), M---, Gabriel, China. 

To his daughter Agnes Lyon (my g-g-g-g-grandmother, wife of John Lyon, lived in Todd County, KY as of the 1850 census): Rose, Ben, S---, Esther, Nelson, Will. 

To Champness Ball (his grandson by his deceased Daughter, was raised by Agnes Lyon): Willis.

To his daughter Nancy Henry (wife of William Henry): Daniel, Hidi(?), Hint(?), Ise(?), Jack Charity.

To his son George Faris Keesee Jr.: David, Buster, Big Bob, Tim, Tom, Stephen. (all names written very clearly.)

To Robert Saunders, husband of his deceased daughter Jane: Rachel. 

To his son Champness: Bery. 

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