Tuesday, November 21, 2017

VIRGINIA, Orange County: Henderson (1779)

From Kim:

Name of enslaved person: Ginna
Enslaver: John Henderson
Source: his Last Will & Testament, 5 Jan 1779, Orange County VA

"I lend to my daughter Ann Buruss one negro girl named Ginna during her natural life. All so I give the said Ginna to sarah Buruss and her heirs for ever my will is to the ad. Sarah Buruss shall possess the said Ginna at the decease of her mother Ann Buruss." (From a transcribed & typewritten copy on file in Orange County VA. This typed copy was created in 1945 and signed by a deputy clerk of the circuit court.)

He also states: " I lend to my well beloved wife Sarah henderson, three negroes such as she shall choose..."

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