Thursday, February 15, 2018

ALABAMA, Autauga County: Averett (1823)

During those forty-five years Benjamin Averiett and subsequently six of his children, accumulated tremendous land holdings primarily in southwest Talladega County. If slave ownership was a measure of wealth, census records document Averiett's prosperity from 1830 until 1870. No research has been made to determine how much land he owned in Lowndes County but he did own 16 slaves in 1830. By 1840 in Talladega County, Averiett had increased his slave ownership to 55, making him one of the largest slave owners in the county. In 1850 he owned 69 slaves while in 1860 his slave population had increased to 102. According to deeds the Averietts held in excess of 10,000 acres by that year.

For and in consideration of the sum of $400 cash in hand paid, I have bargained and sold, and by these presents do bargain and sell unto Benjamin Averett one slave girl called Julia, of a light complexion. 19th February 1817.
Robert Sanly
Recorded 15th December 1823
James B. Mathews, Clerk

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