Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ALABAMA, Jefferson County: Sandifer and Nabors (1838)

STATE OF ALABAMA Jefferson County
DEED OF TRUST Page 337-338
EDWARD L. SANDIFER to Lewis Nabors, Trustee both of Jefferson Co. Ala. 
Enslaved persons: 
Susan, age 33
Louisa age 14
Top age 10
Harriet age 4
Oliver age 2

Premises. Five Negro slaves viz: Susan, age 33, Louisa, age 14, Top age 10, Harriet, age 4, and Oliver,age 2. Whereas E.L. Sandifer is indebted to Lowry Sandifer as evidenced by note in the sum of $2237, which is for rent on 100 acres, for 6 years and for corn sold to E.L. Sandifer also for an assumed debt of O.S. Burwell by Lowry Sandifer. Being willing to secure payment thereof executes this Deed of Trust. It is also understood that a Deed of Trust heretofore made to secure Williamson Hawkins in the sum of $1600 is to be satisfied first. Dated Aug. 31, 1838 wit. B.E. Grace ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. Aug. 31, 1838. Filed Aug. 31,
recorded Sept. 8, 1838, B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct

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