Tuesday, February 13, 2018

KENTUCKY, Logan County: Various Enslavers (1857)

FROM: Kentucky Death Records, Logan County, KY, 1857.

I have only listed here the names of those who were past childhood age and whose owner names were at least partly legible. Handwriting is interpreted to the best of my ability. (Many slave deaths in this record were simply recorded as "slave," no name given.)

Adam, age 30, farmhand, slave. Date of death, October 29. Cause of death, spinal affliction. Owner John K. ???

Clarissa, age 19, farmhand, slave. October. Owner S--- Logan.

Mary Ellen, age 20, farmhand, slave. February 23, pneumonia. Owner D.S. Dunscomb.

Mary, age 26, farmhand. Consumption. date not given. Owner Nicholas T--- (Trask?)

Sucy, age 23, farmhand. January. Fever. Samuel D.D. Paico or Pacco.

Sophia, age 19, farmhand. March 10, Pneumonia. Owner C. W. Cash.

David, age 30. farmhand. May 30, Pneumonia. Owner Jane B. King.

Eliza, age 50. farmhand, slave. August. Dropsy. Owner Ambler Chick.

Mariah, age 23, farmhand, March. Gastritis. Owner H. S. Arnold.

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