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LOUISIANA, St. Landry Parish: Stelly (1813

An anonymous contribution:

Succession Record of Jean Baptiste Stelly, Sr.
Succession #60 - Dated: 9 April 1813
Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
Died: 28 April 1813

The following slaves were chosen from lot by wife, Magdelene Ritter.

Negro man, Louis 36 years old
Slave Andie 18 years old
Negro Betsy* 35 years old & her 3 children:
Ortence 5 years old
Angelique 3 years old
Marie Jeanne 7 months old
Mulato Melite 12 years old
Negro girl, Isabelle 13 years old

*The slave, Betsy, and her children are found in a Louisiana Slave Record, 1719-1820

The following slaves were divided among Jean Stelly's 6 children. I do not know which slaves went to whom, children stayed with their mothers. They may be found in later succession records.

Charles 45 years old
Charles (he would have been a young adult male)
Jean Louis 17 years old
Alexandre 12 years old
Marie 45 years old & 2 children
Felicita 8 years old
Francious 5 years old
Celeste 19 years old
Marinette 18 years old & 1 child
Magdelene 1 year old 

Louisiana Slave Record - sale of Betsy
Louisiana Slave Records, 1719-1820
housed in parish courthouses 
Estate #: 14-A-028-019-1814
Date: 2/10/1814

Betsy 35 years old
born: ca. 1779
children: Ortense
Marie Jeanne

Magdelene's slaves were split among the remaining children upon her death with the exception of Betsy and her children who were sold in 1814. 

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