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NORTH CAROLINA, Robeson County: Bulock (1823)

Robeson County, North Carolina
Will Book 1, page 344
Will of Charles Bullock
Dated November 22, 1823
Probated at the November term 1826

1st to my son Richard, I will and bequeath three hundred acres - the land whereon my son Joel formerly lived, and also my negro man Siah.

2ndly to the heirs of my son Johnson (after the death of my wife) I give my negro boy Dave and Three Hundred Acres known by the name of Seagraves land, to be equally divided among them(five in number)

3rdly To my son Charles, I will and bequeath Two Hundred and fifty Acres - the land which I purchased from John Mitchell, and my negro boy named Baltimore.

4thly To my son Henry, I will and bequeath Three Hundred and Fifty Acres - the land whereon I now live, and to my son Joel a negro boy named Bacchus.

5thly To my son Lemuel, I leave my negro man Moses and Five Hundred Acres of Land including the plantation whereon he now lives.

6thly To my daughter Nancy Brown, I give a negro girl named Hester and a boy named Harris.

7thly I will and bequeath to my daughter Winefred Manning a negro girl named Rachel to remain with her during her natural life and on the demise of said Winefred, the said Rachel to descend together with her natural increase to Tilatha Ross and heirs born of her body forever.

8thly To my daughter Amey Pitman, I give two negro girls, Peg and Ailsey, and a boy named Joe, and to my daughter Betsy Davis a negro girl named Mary and to my daughter, Martha Odom, and the heirs born of her body, two negro girls, namely, Tamer and Peg.

9thly To my beloved wife, Elizabeth I will and bequeath the use of the plantation whereon I now live, and the use of all my horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, household and kitchen furniture, and also of my still and distilling apparatus, and my negroes Patience, Jariah and Teener to her sole use and benefit during her natural life, and at her death, it is furthermore my will and desire that the property herein mentioned (the land whereon I live which in the 4th item is bequeathed to my son Henry, excepted) to be equally divided among my following named children: Richard, Henry, Charles, Lemuel, Amey Pitman, and Martha Odom, together with the increase of my negro girl Patience.

Lastly, I appointy my sons, Richard and Henry Executors, and my wife Elzabeth, Executrix, to this my last will and testament.
In Testimony whereof I, the said Charles Bullock, do set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Signed, sealed, and published

In the presence of us:
Robeson County, Nov. Term 1826, then was this will proved in open court by the oath of Lemuel Lews and ordered to be recorded
/s/ Neill Buie Clk

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