Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ALABAMA, Clarke County: Robinson (1853)

From the Last Will and Testament of Russell Robinson of Clarke County Alabama - dated 24 August 1853:

Slave inherited by John R. Robinson: Edy (24 year old female). Slaves inherited by Tucker B. Robinson: York (40 year old male), Mary (female, woman - age not stated), Harry (70 year old male). Slaves inherited by Sarah Robinson Horn (husband Josiah Horn): Spencer (boy - age not stated), Nancy (6 months - daughter of Edy). Slaves inherited by Francis Robinson Robinson (husband John W Robinson): Jim (about 26 year old male) and Prinnes (best guess - illegible) a six year old boy. Slaves inherited by Tracy M Robinson Robinson (husband Thomas Robinson): Will (man - age not given), Eliza (woman - 9 years old). Slaves inherited by Martha A Robinson Mosely (husband Robert Mosely): Gabriel (man - 22 years old), Lotty (woman - aged 6 years old).

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