Friday, May 15, 2015

GEORGIA, Wilkes County: Bankston (1834)

Christine Johnson-Williams recently sent me several electronic mail messages, which included images of wills related to her ancestors. Christine doesn't blog but wanted to contribute to the Slave Name Roll project. She very graciously included a transcription of the images, which helped tremendously. This is just one way people may contribute. Thank you, Christine!

On 10 April 1834 Lawrence Bankston of Wilkes County, Georgia, made his mark on his last will and testament which was witnessed by three men. In his will he disposed of his property, land and slaves. After testimony in court by one of the witnesses, Mr. Bankston's will was recorded on 31 January 1845.

2nd item. I will to my beloved wife Nancy Bankston...and also three Negroes, JORDAN, a man HANNAH, a woman, and AGGY, a girl...

Transcription of Lawrence Bankston's last will and testament; images provided by
Christine Johnson-Williams

Thank you Christine!

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