Friday, May 29, 2015

PENNSYLVANIA, York County (1790s)

The following information was left as a comment on this page by the author of Kindred Connections. Thank you for your contribution to the Slave Name Roll Project.


Published in The Pennsylvania Herald and York Advertiser:

This notice exhibits the horrors of slavery, in which a mother is torn from her children: RACHEL crying for her children would not be comforted. TO BE SOLD. [note undated]

THIRTY DOLLARS REWARD. Runaway from the Subscribers, November 26, 1791, living on Sugarland Run, Ludon (Loudoun) County, Virginia, two Negro Men named PHILIP and DANIEL. Phil is about 30 years old. He is apt to smile when spoken to, has a flat nose, large mouth, thick lips, wrinkly forehead with some scars on it, and has the marks of a whip on his back. Daniel is a low fell-fed lad 19 years of age, and has a scar on the joint of his little finger and hand. JAMES COLEMAN, Jan. 4, 1792.

JAMES JOHNSTON. The subscriber hereby gives Notice to whom it may concern, that he is now in the Borough of York Pennsylvania, where he means to continue until he can live a trial, with respect to his right of freedom. NEGRO JAMES. York, Sept. 27, 1796. 

TWO NEGRO MEN Was committed to my custody, one of them calls himself CATO, says he came from Baltimore; he has on a soldier's red coat, was born in Guinea, has three scars on each side of his face and is near fifty years of age. The other calls himself WILLIAM KYSSEY: he is about forty years of age, and has likewise a red coat, says he is a free man, and came from Williamsburg, Virginia. Their owners are desired to come and pay their costs, and take them away, otherwise they will be sold out for the same. MICHAEL GRAYBLE, York-Town, April 26, 1791. Gaoler.

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