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NORTH CAROLINA, Cumberland County: Deed Book 56

I received a significant contribution via email from Carolyn:

Page 25 and 26:  Division of Slaves, Estate of Carr Hargrove.  Commissioners appointed at December Term to divide the slaves belonging to the minor heirs of C. Hargrove and set apart to James Bell and wife Elizabeth one part of the same met at the residence of Mrs. Hargrove 29 Dec 1860 and being duly sworn have set apart to said James Bell and wife the following Negroes, being one fifth part of the whole:  Peter, Sylvia, Lucy, Raif, valued at $2260.  T. S. Lutterloh, Danl. McKinnon, Daniel J. Colvin.  Report filed Mar Term 1861, ordered recorded.
Page 26:  Division Negroes Estate of James Thagard decd.  Commissioners appointed to value and divide said Slaves report:  Jack, 17 years old, $700; Peter, 15 years old, $550; Mases, 6 years old, $300; Rachel, 11 years old, $433; Lucy, 1 year old, $100; Baltimore, 19 years old, $750; Balaam, 14 years old, $450; Maria, 45 years old, $100; Kitty, 4 years old, $200. [Writing very faint on owners].  Jack to [illegible] and William Thagard; Baltimore to Stephen, Amos and Joseph Thagard; Peter to James Gurdon and Frances Thagard; Balaam to John C. Wright and wife Sarah Jane; Mases to Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson; Maria and child Lucy to Mrs. Susan Thagard; Rachel to Peter Smith and wife Sophia E. Smith; Kitty to Miss Susan Thagard.  Money is paid / received to make inheritance equal.  Signed 2 Nov 1861 by J. C. Blocker, Arthur Melvin, W. S. McDonald.  Recorded Dec Term 1861.
Pages 31 & 32.  Sarah McNeill of Cumberland County for love and affection and $1 conveyed to her granddaughter Flora McDonald a Negro girl Fanny, now over 2 years of age, daughter of Paulina 16 May 1861.  Wit:  Mary A. Patterson, William McMillan.  Sarah signed by mark.  Registered 28 Dec 1861.
Pages 45 & 46.  Division of Slaves.  To Archibald McLauchlinRose & Sam, valued at $2,000.  To Neill J. McLauchlinKate, Sandy & Jim, valued at $2,600.  To Mary A. McLauchlin  - Phillis, Tom, & Mag, valued at $1,900.  To Sarah C. McLauchlinRichard, Stephen & Mollie, valued at $2,150.  Money exchanged to make equitable.  Division 5 Sep 1860.  Recorded 6 Feb 1862.
Page 50.  Kenneth A. Black of Cumberland county, NC, for $600, sold to Julia A. Crow, wife of Peter Crow of Washington county, TX, Negro boy named Louis, about 15 years old; said boy to be forever discharged & exempt from all liabilities of her said husband & only to be disposed of or sold at the written request of said Julia A. Crow.  12 Mar 1862.  Signed K. A. Black.  Wit:  H. H. Smith, Alex Johnson Jr.  Registered 14 Mar 1862.
Pages 84 & 85.  Division of Slaves.  Mar Term 1862 court received from Thos. J. Owen, John Buie and Alexander Johnson, freeholders appointed to make division of slaves between John G. McPherson and Alexander McPherson, Guardian of Neill McPherson, tenants in common of certain slaves, their report dated 31 Dec 1861.  To John G. McPhersonEllen, Lucy and child, Margaret, Ben, Isaac, Hewey, Mary, valued at $1900.  To Alex. McPherson, Guardian of Neill McPhersonSally, Edmund, London, Frank, William, George, valued at $1900.
Pages 85 & 86.  Division of Slaves.  Dec Term 1859 received petition from Mary Ann Fuller, widow of Elijah Fuller decd, & Edward Fuller & Sallie Fuller, infants under 21 by their Guardian Mary Ann Fuller that as the distributes and next of kin, they are tenants in common several (named) slaves and one half of a Negro Boy, the other half owned by John Waddill, to divide said slaves.  Dec Term 1862 Cumberland Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions ordered David A. Ray, Samuel T. Hawley, John H. Cook & Robert W. Hardie to allot shares & report to next term.  Mar Term 1862 allotted slaves as follows:  Mrs. Mary Ann Fuller – one half of Neill, the other half being purchased by her of John Wadill’s Trustees; Buff, Jesse & Aggy, these 3 last being old & unsound, considered worthless; Kitty, Isaac & Sim.  To Edward James FullerCaswell, Lewis & Amy.  To Sallie FullerJohn Henry, Julia & William.  Registered 23 May 1862.
Pages 86 & 87.  Division of Slaves.  Dec Term 1861 James McKethan, Levi C. Wade & David McDonald appointed commissioners to divide slaves of William T. Smith, decd.  Value of 44 slaves:  Sherod, $900; Sam, $850; Amy & child Billy, $800; Edmund, $325; Frank, $225; John, $550; Virginia, $500; Thomas, $500; Charles, $900; Bill, $850; Sarah Jane, $600; Robert, $500; Sharper & wife Tanner[?], $650; Orphy, $325; Andrew, $250; Stephen, $900; Cary, $800; George, $400; Flora, $725; Phil & wife Peggy, $300; Chaney & children Robert & Calvin, $800; Isham, $600; Virgil, $900; Charles, $600; Abram, $800; Henrietta & child Daniel, $950; Mack, $550; Sally, $175; Neill Henry, $600; Glasgow, $900; Alfred, $800; Ransom, $700; Betty & infant child, $850; Bella, $200; Lucy, $325; Willis, $600; Peg, charged at $150.  Total, $22,050 & 5 heirs; each share $4,410.  Three are minors so not divided & Mary L. Smith declined to have her share set apart so 4 shares undivided.  Walter J. Smith to have Sherod, Sam, Amy & child Billy, Edmund, Frank, John, Virgil, Thomas & Peg, valued at $4,500; he to pay $90 to the others.  Registered 23 May 1862.
Pages 91-93.  Marriage Contract.  25 Jun 1862 between George McDonald of 1st part, Ann Branch of 2nd part, & George L. McKay of 3rd part, all of Cumberland county.  Should a marriage be solemnized between George McDonald & Ann Branch, all stock & property she now owns is to remain hers for her separate & sole use.  List includes household & kitchen furniture, mule, 6 or 8 head cattle, especially her slaves:  Elizabeth about 28 years old; Helen about 10 years old; Presidea about 9 years old; Elizabeth about 7 years old; Rachel about 5 years old; Mary Ann about 3 years old; Tom, child of Elizabeth now about 2 months old; Andrew about 9 years old; & their increase.  If Ann dies without disposing of said property, it is to be to the use of George McDonald but not for his debts.  Wit:  Robert Williams.  Note:  Boy Andrew is sold before the signing of this paper, this 25 Jun 1862.  State tax of $1 paid by Wm. B. Wright.  Proved 7 Jul 1862.  Registered 18 Jul 1862.
Pages 98 & 99.  Ecrow/Eckrow M. Bird to John A. Bird, both of Cumberland county, for $2,000, Negro Slave John, about 9 months old.  [No Day] Sep 1859.  Signed by mark.  Wit:  Robert A. Bird, George J. Bird.  Proved 13 Feb 1861, registered 13 Aug 1862.
Page 109.  From Mary Ann Evans of Cumberland county to Robert F. Brown of NC, for $350, a mulatto woman named Violet 48 years of age $ Nov last.  1 Sep 1862.  Wit:  Jas. N. Smith.  Proved 5 Sep 1862.  Registered 11 Sep 1862.
Pages 120-1.  Establishment of Trustee.  Date 6 Sep 1862.  Marriage has taken place between Zachariah Plummer and Bram A. Carter; under marriage contract (see page 119) Zachariah Plummer of first part & Erasmus H. Evans of second part (selected by Bram A. Carter) for $10 paid to Zachariah has conveyed to said Evans as Trustee all the property Bram A. Carter owns or may acquire viz, tract of land on north side of Cape Fear River inherited from her father containing 94 acres; also two slaves, a boy named Dave, aged about 11 years, a girl named Rachel aged about 15 years, together with future increase of said slaves.  Bram A. Plummer may dispose of said property as if she were a femme sole.  Signed by mark.  Wit:  R. W. Hardie.  Executed 6 Sep 1862.  Registered 22 Sep 1862.
Page 76:      25 Dec 1861 Bennet Hockaday of Cumberland county to George A. Graham and wife Emily V. Graham of Robeson county, for $525 a Negro boy named Sam.  Registered 24 Apr 1862.
Page 125:   From Caroline A. Brown of New Hanover Co NC for $350, to Mary Ann Evans of NC, mulatto woman named Violet, 48 years of age 4 Nov last.  Caroline A. Brown, agent for Robert W. Brown; witness:  Jas. N. Smith.  Registered 4 Oct 1862
Page 140:   7 Nov 1862 between George McDonald & Ann McDonald his wife of Cumberland county of 1st part; George L. McKay of same of 2nd part.  Whereas Ann McDonald prior to her marriage with her now husband contracted debts & is now indebted to certain persons hereinafter named which debts parties of 1st part are anxious to satisfy.  Therefore in consideration thereof & in further consideration of $5 paid by said George L. McKay doth grant, bargain, sell & set over unto George L. McKay, his heirs and assigns forever:  all land which we own or have interest in lying on East side of Cape Fear River near the Clarendon Bridge, & on Lock's Creek, lands devised by late Cpt William Lord to his wife now Ann McDonald, land upon which parties of the 1st part now reside about (blank) acres.  Also all household & kitchen furniture (list); also cart, stock hogs & sows; carriage harness; also several Negroes by name as follows:  Elizabeth aged about 40; Helen aged about 12; President about 10; Eliza about 8; Rachel about 5; Morgan 3; Thomas 1.  In trust that said George L. McKay shall proceed within 12 months to sell the property herein conveyed at public or private sold for cash or such terms of credit as he may think most for interest of parties concerned; & with the proceeds thereof shall apply to the payment & satisfaction of debts due & owing by said Ann McDonald in order set forth:  Note to due J. B. Crawley bearing date (blank) for $5200 with two credits absorbing the interest if not more, said note now in possession of William L. McKay Attorney at law for collection. Note held & owned by Edward J. Pemberton for about $190 principal with interest not remembered.  Note due & payable to W. B. Wright for $150 dated 25 Jun 1860 with interest from same date.  Note $83.15 with credit of $50 7 Jul 1862.   Note dated 28 Jun 1862 to W. B. Wright for professional services $40.  Note to Archibald Holmes for about $30, also by account about $30 for bacon.  To County Court Office of Cumberland for costs about $70.  To Judgment stayed by W. B. Wright in hands of Philips, Constable for collection about $30, name of plaintiff not recollected, perhaps William Overby.  To the Clarendon Bridge Company about $128.  To James Martine $5.  To William McDuffie for medical bill, amount not known.  These to be 1st & equally provided for.  Then in further trust to pay a debt now sued upon by Henry C. Johnson, it being a note made payable to J. H. Roberts & Co which said debt is to be reckoned in the 2nd class & to be paid in full out of the proceeds of sale of property after paying debts of the 1st class.  Personally appeared before me, J. L. Bailey, one of the Judges of the Superior Courts of Law & Equity Geo. W. McDonald & Ann McDonald his wife & acknowledged execution.  Ann was examined separately.  Registered 8 Nov 1862
Pg 147:  Julia F. Fox to her daughter William Ann Fox, both of Cumberland, for natural love & affection following Negro Slaves:  Laura, Samuel, James & Milly and their increase.    Signed 4 Dec 1849.  Wit:  Ellen A. Magee, Chas. Montague.  Registered 13 Jan 1863.
Pg 148:          William M. L. McKay, Trustee of Thomas J. Curtis & Mrs. Sarah G. Mallett, all of Lower Fayetteville for $1600 following Negro slaves:  Mary, about 11 years old; Charles, about 10 years old; free from any debts of her husband Chas. P. Mallett, either past, present or future; after her death to be held in trust by her personal representative for the use of her children.  Signed W. M. L. McKay, Trustee.  Wit:  J. G. Shepherd, Jno. Baker Jr.  Registered 14 Jan 1863.
Page 170:   John Elliott of Harnett Co in consideration of the natural love & affection which he has to his son William H. Elliott of Cumberland Co has given 2 Negro men, one named Ben & one named Haywood, to have & to hold forever.  19 Feb 1863.  Wit:  J. G. Shepherd.  Registered 25 Mar 1863.
Page 187:    17 Feb 1863 Warren Carver of the 1st part [Mrs.] Mary E. Jessup , widow of M. W. of the 2nd part and Andrew C. Ray of 3rd part, all of Cumberland Co, NC.  Marriage intended shortly between Warren Carver & Mary E. Jessup.  It is intended that Mary E. shall retain all personal & perishable property of which she has or may be interested in as next of kin and heir at law of the late Marshall W. Jessup, she being entitled to 1/4 part of whatever may remain after the payment of the debts & more particularly 1/4 part of the following names slaves:  Isaac, Agnes, Bet, Eliza, Phillis, Jesse, Mariah and Pearce and their increase; these slaves not yet divided.   Consideration of $1 & the intended marriage to Warren Carver.  [Very faded & difficult to read but believe Andrew C. Ray will be trustee of her property.  State tax of $1 paid; registered 15 Apr 1863
Page 193:    Isham Carver for $800 sold to J. W. Welsh Negro slave named Ned aged 11 years or thereabouts.  3 Jan 1863.   Wit:  Donald McRae, J. L. Watts.  Registered 27  Apr 1863
Page 193:    State of North Carolina Cumberland County.  This obligation entered into this 23 day of Apr 1863 between Isaac W. Lambert (a free colored man) and John F. Byrne both of county and state aforesaid.  Witnesseth that sd Lambert is indebted to sd Byrne in sum of $100 which he is desirous to pay and in order to do so has this day and by these presents bound himself in the sum of $500 work for sd Byrne as a laborer on his farm or at coopering or at          any other usual service for and during the term of 3 years from this date.  In Witness whereof sd Lambert has this day set his hand and seal day and year above written.  Isaac W. (his mark) Lambert.  State of North Carolina April 23, 1863.  Personally appeared before one Jesse T. Warden Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Cumberland County, North Carolina, Isaac W. Lambert and signed and sealed the foregoing agreement for the purposes therein set forth.  Let it be registered.  Registered Apr 24, 1863.
Page 201:   Received from John W. Welsh $1500 for negro man named Fenner.  I warrant the title to said negro against the claim or claims of any other person or persons whatsoever and further warrant said negro a slave for life $1500.  Franklinton, 16 Jan 1863.  Jno B. Winston Attorney for Wilie J. Fuller.  Witness:  E. F. Moore.  State of NC Cumberland County.  Then was the execution of this Bill of Sale proven before me by the oath of E. F. Moore, subscribing witness thereto.  Registered 22 May 1863.  J. T. Warden, Clerk
Page 233:   Division of slaves:  S. T. Haley, D. A. Ray and Archd McLean, requested by Benjamin R. Huske and Benjamin W. Robinson, Exrs of will of late O. P. Stark, to divide into 2 equal parts his negroes, not specifically disposed of by him but described in said last will "as the balance of my negrows not otherwise disposed of" for purpose of allotting them do on 7 Dec 1862 divide as follows:  Lot No 1 to consist of Jeff, Ellen and Isaiah allotted to Joanna A. Robinson and others according to their interest as defined by 5th clause of said will.  Lot No 2 to consist of Jim, William, Eliza and Phyllis is allotted to Sarah A. Robinson and others according to their interest as defined by the 6th clause of said will.  Registered 26 Jun 1863.
Page 237:   Chas. D. Nixon, John Bell, Daniel McKinnon, freeholders appointed by Court to divide the slaves belonging to estate of Carr Hargrove decd and allot to petitioners their share on severalty as follows:  to L. R. Breece and Ann Eliza his wife slaves Virgin, Clarissa, Abram, and Amos.  Registered 27 Jun 1863
Page 239:   Division of Slaves:  John H. Cook JP, D. G. MacRae JP, R. McDaniel, David Murphy, W. G. McDonald, appointed Jun Term 1860 to divide the negroes of late Jonathan Evans according to his will; did 23 Aug 1860 cause to be brought before us all the slaves willed by Jonathan Evans to Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, Jonathan Evans and James Evans; after valuing same we proceeded to set apart one third part to Jonathan Evans the petitioner as follows:  Sarah valued at $500; her children: Dick $575, Dina $400, Henrietta $300, Delaney $200; Meriar $800, her children, Henrietta $575, Laura $450, Solomon $450, Henry $450, Julia $20; Crazy Tenar minus $300, her children Isaac $325, Milly $325; Sarah's children Rhoda $850, Eliza $700, Scip $1100, William $1100, Nick $1200, Ceasar $900, Billy $750, Henry $600, Dick, Anne and Sally Roan parishioners.  The remainder of the slaves, two thirds of the whole number, we have left in common stock and in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, widow.  Sworn and subscribed at Fayetteville 4 Sep 1860.  Registered 27 Jun 1863
Page 250:   Stewart Devane decd to Eliza Devane and others.  Pursuant to an order of the last term of this court, appointing the undersigned to divide between the widow and the children of the late Stewart Devane certain slaves which were the property of said Stewart Devane and among the children of the said Stewart Devane certain other slaves which had been bequeathed to him for life by his father and after the death of said Stewart were to go in remainder to his children.  Mar 1862 we proceeded to value and divide the slaves into lots.
         Lot 1:  Peyton, $750; Rachel, $750, Osmond, $500; Hannah, $500, to Eliza Devane, $2500.
         Lot 2:  Haywood, $900; Manerva & child, $750; Bill, $450; Nanch, $150; Phillis, $250, to D. J. Devane, $2500.
         Lot 3:  Augustus, $850; Eliza & child, $775; Theophilus, $500; Susan, $350, to T. M. Devane, $2375.
         Lot 4:  Toney, $900; Charity & child, $900; Drendes[?] & child, $625; to W. S. Devane $2425.
         Lot 5:  Simon, $800; Isi, Militia, Arap, $800; James $640; Lucy (Charity), $250, to R. M. Devane, $2450
         Lot 6:  Handy, $825; Peggy & child, $800; Sally, $325; May, $200; Lucy, $250; to J. T. Wright, $2400
         Lot 7:  Mag, $175, Loun, $900; Cinda, $625; Doll, $450; Siller, $250; to J. M. Foy, $2400.
         No 2 pays No 4 $7.13; No 2 pay No 6 $35.71; No 2 pays No 7 $21.45; No 1 pays No 3 $64.71; No 1 pays No 4 $3.58; No 5 pays No 7 $14.29.
           Drindes[?] to John T. Wright $50, he to pay to each of the heirs their proportional part, say $7.14 to each. 
         Sworn before Jno. H. Cook, JP.  Arthur Melvin, Thomas McDaniel, David Murphy.  Jun Term 1862.  Registered 15 Jul 1863
Page 263:   Sarah Ann Butler of Cumberland Co for the consideration of $1 have given, granted and sold to Daniel Smith one Negro woman named Betsey, and the Kitchen part of the house in which I now live, and $500 out of my estate at my death.  In special trust and confidence and on condition that all is to remain during my life; then that he Will hold the said Negro and money and lot for the purpose of taking care of said Negro with authority to expend the interest of said $500 for the maintenance and support of said Betsey and if need be $300 of the principal.  Of the remaining $200 on the death of Betsey, I desire him to give $100 to Hugh McAlpin's son John Butler McAlpin and the other $100 to William Butler's son John Butler.  Signed and sealed 27 Jan 1859.  Wit:  James Banks.  Execution of the deed 4 Jul 1863.  Registered 7 Aug 1863
Page 277:   Janet D. Whitehead for the natural love and affection towards my son Williamson Whitehead, both of Cumberland Co, gives to him Negro Boy named William, son of my Negro Woman Clara.  Signed 27 Day Jun 1863 Janet D. Whitehead.  Wit:  J. C. Poe, T. B. Hawley.  Aug 17 1863 proved by oath of T. B. Hawley.  Registered 20 Oct 1863.
Pg 304:         Raleigh, NC 8 Jan 1864.  Received of Isaac Hollingsworth $850 in full for Negro woman Judy.  I warrant nothing but the right and title to said Negro.  P. J. Sterne.  Wit:  W. A. Moon.  Registered 23 Feb 1864.
Pg 312:         4 Jan 1863.  Jane M. Evans to William J. Bernard, for $1980, a certain Negro girl, a slave for life, named Alice, aged about 13 years.  Warrants said slave to be sound in mind and body and free from constitutional diseases or defects.  Wit:  C. E. Seels.  Proved 6 Jan 1864.  Registered 29 Feb 1864.
Pg 315:          George F. Thagard of Cumberland County for $1,000 to John H. Smith of same, a certain Negro woman slave named Sarah about 40 years old.  11 Aug 1863.  Wit:  Joseph Thames, Daniel Smith.  Proven by oath of Daniel Smith.  Registered 1 Mar 1864
Pg 332:         John Elliot of Harnett County for the natural love and affection he has towards his son and for $1, to Alexander Elliot following Negroes:  Mary and her children, Harrit, Charles, Philemon, Martha, Suckey, Bob, Owen, Noah and Giles; and Margaret and her children George and Curtis; also Nelson, Abram, Evander, Allen, Solomon, Patsey, Henderson.  7 May 1863.  Wit:  William H. Elliot. Proved by William H. Elliot.  Registered 19 Mar 1864.
Pg 332:         Bartholomew Fuller for $3,000 to Avon E. Hall of Wilmington, a Negro Girl named Ellen, aged about 15 years.  Witness E. F. Moore.  Acknowledged 26 Nov 1863.  Registered 19 Mar 1864.
Pg 346:          David Torrance for $1300, to Henry L. Myrover, Isaac B. Hawley, Joseph A. Worth, Geo. H. Haigh and Nathan A. Stedman, and the survivor of them, a certain Negro man Slave named Joe, commonly known as Joe Beebe, aged about 31 years, for them to hold in trust; nevertheless for the following intent and purpose, that is to say, should it so happen that the said Joe can be lawfully emancipated and set free, then the said Henry L. Myrover, Isaac B. Hawley, Joseph A. Worth, Geo. A. Haigh and Nathan A. Stedman are to allow the said Joe to be freed and they are to facilitate the freedom by such lawful mode as may be offered for this purpose.  If Joe cannot be lawfully freed, the title is to continue to the survivor.  27 Dec 1863.  Wit:  D. G. McRae.  Proved by D. G. McRae and registered 29 Mar 1864.
Pg 350:         William Overby to William W. Shepherd, both of Cumberland county, for $2,000, the supposed value of 2 Negro boys, one Wesley about 8 years old and one Whitfield about 6 years old, sells a tract situated in Town of Fayetteville on the North margin of Grove and Cool Spring[?]  Streets (being the South corner of a lot formerly owned by Andrew Alvis and occupied by Mrs. Dawson and now supposed to belong to Neill Love a minor), then east to the Southwest corner of a lot once owned by R. Campbell and now owned by D. & W. McLaurin (more directions).  4 Mar 1864.  Wit:  Jno Vaughan.  Registered 30 Mar 1864.

Pg 384:          [Beginning faded and illegible]  Sarah Cutler to John Everett Jr., for $1550, all her undivided interest in the slaves of Elisha Edwards, her brother, and the slaves of late Mary Edwards, her mother, and also her share of the hires of the said slaves, to be paid to the John Everett by Daniel Butler Adm of the said Elisha Edwards and the Adm of Mary Edwards.  Wit:  James Chason.  Proven by James Chason.  Registered 5 Sep 1864

Pg 418:          William A. Whitehead of Cumberland county to Richard H. Grant, as Trustee for Cornelia E. Grant, for $2100, a Negro Slave named Alexander to have and to hold as Trustee, upon trust nevertheless that he will hold the said Slave to and for the same uses and trust under the same provisions limits as are set forth in deed of Marriage recorded in New Hanover County Book FF page 19.  14 Nov 1864.  Wit:  Jos. Utley.  Proved 14 Dec 1864 by Jos. Utley.

Pg 428:         Agnes McLeran, for and in consideration of the love and affection she has for her sister Mary McLeran, and for other valuable consideration, to said Mary McLeran a certain Negro slave named Adam, aged about 38 years.  Signed by mark.  Wit:  Duncan K. Ray, Wm. J. McPhail.  Proved by Wm. J. McPhail 14 Nov 1864.  Registered 16 Jan 1865.
Pg 452:         Caroline, a Negro Slave of the estate of the late John T. Gilmore, having under the provision of the Will of her late master chosen as the purchaser of herself and her four children (Augustus, Rosetta, Levernia and Jarvis) Mr. Kenan Philips of said county, and the executors of said John T. Gilmore having placed upon the said Slaves following cash valuation:  Caroline, aged about 25 years, $4,000; Augustus aged about 9 years, $2750; Rosetta, aged about 5 years, $1800; Lavernia, aged about 3 years, $750, amounting to $10,000 from which is deducted 30%, leaving the purchaser to pay $7,000.  Now for in consideration of the $7,000 paid over in Confederate money, the executors of said John T. Gilmore (Alexr. J. Byrne, Archibald McLean, Elijah F. Moore) sell said slaves to Kenan Philips. 14 Dec 1864.  Wit:  W. Draughon.  Proven 27 Jan 1865 on oath of W. Draughon.  Registered 13 Apr 1865
Pg 459:          Indenture made 26 Mar 1865 between Mrs. Mary T. Hatchell, Archibald McLauchlin and William M. L. McKay.  Whereas a marriage is intended to be celebrated between Mrs. Mary T. Hatchell and Archibald McLauchlin, both of Fayetteville, and whereas it is the desire of all parties to secure to the said Mrs. Mary T. Hatchell to her sold and separate use and benefit, free from the control of her intended husband, and in no way liable for his debts, the property herinafter conveyed.  In consideration of $1 paid by W. M. L. McKay, the said Mary Hatchell and Archibald McLauchlin do sell to W. M. L. McKay following property:  the House and Lot on the North side of Person Street and below the "Half Way Bridge" being the same lot conveyed by Wm. Cade to William W. Hatchell 18 Aug 1860; subsequently given by William W. Hatchell by his last will and testament to above named Mary T. Hatchell; also following Negroes; Negro Woman named Catharine, Charles, John George and [illegible]; two bedsteads, beds and furniture; two mattresses; one sofa or lounge; 12 chairs; 3 tables; 3 carpets; 1 clock; 1 cow and calf; knives and forks; cups and saucers; plates; pots; spiders and oven; 1 cooking stove and utensils belonging thereto; together with real and personal property of every kind and description belonging to said Mary T. Hatchell.  W. M. L. McKay to hold in trust for her and release if she should need it.  Wit:  M. Rose, John Keith.  24 Jul 1865 marriage contract executed on oath of John Keith.  Registered 25 Jul 1865.
Pg 464:          Duncan Purcell to his sister Nancy Purcell, both of Cumberland county, for $1 to him in hand paid and further consideration hereafter mentioned:  150 acres of land, the Residence, joins James Averitt and others; 1 Negro Boy named Bill; crop now growing on the place; all stock of cattle, 9 head; all the stock of sheep and hogs together with the household and kitchen furniture; all farming tools.  She is to settle all his business, settle all debts; he does this from the fact that she, said Nancy Purcell, stayed and helped to take care of our Parents as long as they lived.  10 Jul 1862.  Wit:  S. R. Hawley.  Proved by S. R. Hawley 17 Jul 1865.  Registered 26 Oct 1865.

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