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NORTH CAROLINA, Robeson County: McNeill (1833)

Malcom McNeill, Robeson County, NC, Feb 8, 1833.

To wife Catherine during her lifetime 100 acres joining Widow Galbreath with improvements thereon and mansion house; kitchen & household furniture; all stock of cattle, sheep and hogs, the profit arising from said stock for the support of the family as they require; Gig and horse; Negroes Buck and Cort to wait on her during her life.
To son James McNeill Negroes Bill and George and a note of hand drawn on his own name against Jesse Ford and William Ford of $200.
To daughter Eleanor McDuffy 800 acres of land in Cumberland County joining Hugh Gilmore and Widow Buie during her life; after her death to be equally divided between her three sons Nathan, Malcom and Hector McDuffy.
To daughter Sally McArthur Negro Sealy.
To his two grandchildren Cyrus and Ann Eliza Harrington Negro Fanny and her increase; if said Cyrus and Ann Eliza removed by death without issue, said Fanny to be returned to be equally divided between his two sons John D. and Hector G. R. McNeill; in case of the death of only one child, then said Fanny to descend to surviving heir, Cyrus or Ann Eliza.
To daughter Elizabeth Negro Martha and $100 to be made up to her out of my stock or any other way as Exrs decide within 18 months.
To daughter Mary Jane Negro Delphy and $100 to be given by Exrs within 3 years.
To son John D. McNeill Negroes Dan, Flory and Tom with the increase of Flory; 640 acres lying on both sides of the Taft?/Raft? Swamp including his mother’s 100 acres after her death, joining his brother Hector G. R. as the dividing line in the plat will show; said John D. and Hector G. R. to continue with their Negroes till Hector comes of age and to support each other and to be educated through the Latin language, Arithmetic and such part of mathematics as opportunities permit.  Isaac and Tabb to continue on the plantation during life.
To son Hector G. R. Negroes Mike, Buck and Cort after his mother’s death; 400 acres of land east of the Cypress Pond as the plat will show.
Also to two sons John D. and Hector G. R. his mules, horses, wagon and oxcart; when Hector comes of age his Library of Books to be equally divided between them.
D. McAlpin, D. McNeill and his three sons James A. McNeill, John D. McNeill and Hector G. R. McNeill Executors.
Wit:  Duncan McBryde, Malcom McEachern, R. McNair

Codicil:  To son John D. McNeill 60 acres Graham and the heirs of Alexander McNeill decd, being the undivided interest of Daniel McNeill Sen.[?] and to his mother’s dower in the lands of her decd husband Alexander McNeill which land was purchased by him (Malcom McNeill) at a sheriff’s sale.  

Signed 7 Apr 1833. 
Wit:  Peter W. McArthur, Malcom McEachern, Neill McAlpin Jr.

Recorded Book D pages 281-282 Robeson County Aug Term 1833:  Then was this will proven.

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