Friday, November 24, 2017

ALABAMA, Jefferson County: Reid and Starnes (1835)

From Vivian:

STATE OF ALABAMA Jefferson County
DEED OF TRUST Page 338&339
THADDUS A. REID to GEO. W. STARNES, both of Jefferson Co. Ala. 
Enslaved Person: Negro girl named Betsy

Premises. Negro girl named Betsy. Whereas said Reid is indebted to Frederick Walker of Tuscaloosa Co. Ala. in the sum of $900 as evidenced by two notes & willing to secure said debt executes this
deed of trust. Dated Sept. 26, 1835. Ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk. of Co.Ct. Sept. 26,1835. Filed Sept. 26, recorded Oct. 5, 1835. B.E. Grace, Clk . C.C. Marginal: Thaddus A.
Reid failed to make payment, said G.W. Starnes took possession of said negro Betsy &
released Reid from all liabilities on the above notes on Dec. 25, 1835.

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