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ALABAMA, Autauga County: Averett (1824)

Transcribed from: DEEDS and MORTGAGES – Book A Vol. 1, 1820-1825, pp.107-109
Autauga County, Alabama

[107] In the name of God amen.
                I, Benjamin Averett, of the County of Autauga and State of Alabama, Calling to mind that there is a time appointed for all men once to die, being in a low state of health but sound mind and perfect recollection, being desirous to arrange my worldly matter in such a manner as to do Justice to those I hold most dear to me, as I may probably leave them behind me.  I do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament.
                First, it is my will and desire that my wife Elizabeth Averett do hold the quarter section of land that I now live on with the North West quarter of No. Three in Township 16. Range 15. with as much of the stock and tools and [sic] housal furniture as she may think necessary for her support with three [sic]negros boys Wilson, James and William & three negro girls Sarah, Mary and Becky which land that is pointed out for my wife is to go to William Averett my youngest son at her death and the negros and stock and housal furniture & the increase thereof is to be divided amongst our six children equally viz. Joshua Averett,
[p.108] Jacob Averett, Elizabeth Sharp, Susannah Woodard [Woodward], Benjamin H. Averett, William J Averett and at my death, I want William to have the North West quarter of No. 4 and three quarters of five, the north half & south east quarter of it in Township 16. Range 15. & I do wish and [sic]disire that Benjamin H. Averett do have all of the section of No. 32 and the south east quarter of section No. 33 & the south half of the south west quarter of section No. 34 all lying in Township No. 17 Range 15. & I do wish & desire that all the property at my death besides what is pointed out should be divided equally amongst all of her children Viz Joshua Averett, Jacob Averett, Elizabeth Sharp, Susannah Wood[w]ard, Benjamin H. Averett, William J Averett.  Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint Elizabeth Averett my wife, formerly Elizabeth Selliers, daughter of William Keeners & Armstrong Mitchell my Executrix and Executors to this my last Will & Testament in writings whereof I have set my hand this 20th day September 1824.
Witnesses                                                                           Benjamin  X   Averett
William Bailey Sen.
Benjm   X   Keener
William   X    Abbott

The State of Alabama
Autauga County
William Bailey and Benjamin Keener being sworn, saith that the foregoing Will is the Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Averett, decd. & that the mark in the signature to the same was made by the said Testator and in their presence & that he was of sound mind and memory at the date of the above will and at the making of the same and that the same was witnessed by them in his, the said decedent’s presence, and that the above signatures are theirs.
Sworn to before me this 4th Oct. 1824                                                          William Bailey
Alvin A. McWhorter, J.C.C                                                                                               His
                Recorded Oct 5th 1824                                                                    Benjamin   X   Keener
                Thomas Coleman, Clk                                                                                       Mark

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