Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ALABAMA, Jefferson County: Goyne, Grace, Jordan and Cooper (1838)

STATE OF ALABAMA Jefferson County
MORTGAGE DEED Page 279-80-81
JOHN R. GOYNE to John Goyne, Baylis E. Grace, Dempsey Jordan & Cader Cooper, all of Jefferson Co., Ala. 
Enslaved persons: negro girl named Maria, age about 14 years

Premises 7 $1.00. 80 acres being a part of the SE ¼ of Sec. 9, TP 18, R 3W, which lies N. of a line running through the center of said quarter section from E to W. Also the following Personal property: 1 negro girl named Maria, age about 14 years, three cows & calves, 1 sorrel mare & 1 sorrel horse & 2 colts one of them a mare 3 years old & one a horse 2 years old, 1 feather bed & furniture & my distribute my share of the personal estate of
Stephen Byars, deceased. Whereas John R. Goyne has executed to the Bank of the State of Alabama, a Bill of Exchange in the sum of $650, same being endorsed by John Goyne & Baylis E. Grace & John Goyne has made his note to the President & Directors of the
Bank of the State of Ala., in the sum of $650.00, endorsed by Dempsey Jordan & John R.Goyne, & John R. Goyne is also indebted to Thomas Carrol, John Martin & Lewis Nabers in the sum of $1606, by 2 notes endorsed by John Goyne & Cader Cooper, now John R. Goyne being desirous of securing payment of the above debts executes this
mortgage. Wit. John F. Forrest & T.A. Reed. Dated Apr. 16, 1838. Ack. before B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct. May 8, 1838. Filed & recorded May 8, 1838. B.E. Grace, Clk. Co. Ct.

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